Our Overhaul process starts with a unit inspection according to the manufacturer’s specifications or the technical instructions from the operator. Through this extensive inspection, it’s possible to identify damages the unit may have received during delivery, as well as damages caused by wear and operation.

The following is our process composed of 6 points:

  • Inspection, cleaning and strip paint.
  • Disassemble, fully inspection and cleaning of all components and sub-components
  • Apply appropriate of non-destructive tests to check possible faults or hidden flaws within the structural integrity of the component.
  • Application of the Eddy current, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant and magnetic particle test, according to the manufacturer's specifications.
  • Reassemble, application of leak test, pressure check and mechanical adjustments prior final certification.
  • Return of the unit with the FAA 8130-3 card and dual EASA certification.

All components are repaired and overhauled through our internal process that meets or exceeds original manufacturer’s specifications. We provide our services to regional, commercial, military and charter aeronautical companies.